How to hold a value in simulink ?

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I search how to hold a value in my simulink model for an operation : I need to keep the latest value of my model and then add it to my signal until the input signal get to 0 again. It is like a vertical translation of my signal by the latest value calculated in the latest period.
Something like that :
Can a block in simulink do that or hold the latest value to add it to all the next iteration ?
Here is my simulink model :
K has the value 12.
A1 has the value 9.5e-5.
In input I have a custom repeating sequence from the fonction in the m file (force.m) :
I'm sorry for the size of each screen capture, I don't know how to manage it.
Thank you for your time.

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Pranjal Kaura
Pranjal Kaura on 28 Oct 2021
Hey Arthur,
You can refer to this link to know more about holding values in Simulink.
Hope this helps!

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