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Correct way of using random number generator with multiple m files

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Dear MATLAB community,
I am using random functions like randi and rand in two functions in two different m files. These two m files with the random function is called from a main script. I would like to use random number generator rng to seed the random function. Do I use the rng at the main script or do I use it separately on the m files, which is the more proper way?
Thank you.
Tan Biru

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the cyclist
the cyclist il 4 Ott 2014
It depends on the reason you are setting the seed.
Do you want the two functions to be using the same set of pseudorandom numbers? Then set the seed in both function files.
Or do you want the two functions to be using different pseudorandom numbers? Then set the seed in the main function.
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Tan Biru
Tan Biru il 5 Ott 2014
I want the functions to use different pseudorandom numbers. I use rng only for repeatability purposes. Thanks.

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