stupied question / horizontal Text Field input is vertical

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Hey Guys,
I have this Array;
WhichShots =
'I.' 'II.'
It was created this way:
WhichShots = [EmptySpace,Text1,EmptySpace,Text2 ...... EmptySpace,Textn]
Now I just want to wirte it in a Text Field, but the text field looks not like this:
'I.' 'II.'
It looks like this
So it its vertical not horizontal as i want it. What did I do wrong ? The Text Field is big enough

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Oct 2014
Something's wrong. Your first WhichShots would have to be a cell array because there are two separate strings of different lengths, or else you put apostrophes into your string. The second one should be a string row vector, assuming all your substrings are regular 1-row character vectors. Why is there that discrepancy?
What does this say when you put it all by itself on a line
How are you displaying the text? Into an edit text box with set()? Into a static text control with set()? Into a plot/chart/graph/image with text()?

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