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In Simulink, how to call the same subsystem several times to do a calculation?

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I want to do a calculation for each if elseif output values(data) using a same subsystem(functionA)
     data1 = 10;
     data_out1 = functionA(data1);
data2 = 20;
    data_out2 = functionA(data2);
     data3 = 40;
     data_out3 = functionA(data3);
else{ }
For better understanding of my question I attached the simulink model which I want to modify.
Each outputs from 'if' block should go through the ADC_To_Temp1 subsystem for additional calculation.
This is the "ADC_To_Temp1" subsystem which I want to use for the additional calculation.
Please let me know how to do this.
Thank you

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Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed il 16 Nov 2021
Hi Udara,
I am assuming you wish to modify your Simulink model to pass the outputs of it (HAL_HV_MON, HAL_HV_MON1, ...) to a single subsystem (ADC_To_Temp1). This can be done using a for each iterator subsystem. The set of blocks within the subsystem represents the algorithm applied to a single element of the original signal array.
The output signals can be clubbed together into a bus using a bus creator block. This bus can be converted to a vector using a bus to vector block. The vector obtained so is then applied to a for each subsystem. The for each subsystem houses the ADC_To_Temp1 logic. Have a look at sample design where I have used your subsystem and passed three values through the same instance of the subsystem. Hope it helps.
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Udara Darshana Panamulle Arachchige
Hi Salman,
Thank you Salman. This was very helpful.
To seperate output data, I used Selector block after the For Each Subsystem and now I can read seperate outputs for the each input data.
Thank you.

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