Behavior of tab key in 2021b

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Nicolas Crouzet
Nicolas Crouzet il 12 Nov 2021
Risposto: Salman Ahmed il 15 Nov 2021
I recently updated my Matlab installation to 2021b.
When I press the tab key in the editor, instead of simply adding a tab space, I now get some autocompletion suggestions, plus what seems to be some kind of help dialog box showing up.
I would like to change the preferences so that pressing the tab key just inserts a tab space, and nothing else.
I've not be able to do so, even after messing around in Matlab > Preferences.
Any suggestions would be welcome, as the automatic completions and help boxes are very annoying. I'm running Matlab on a Macbook Pro with Big Sur version 11.1.

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Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed il 15 Nov 2021
Hi Nicolas,
I understand that you wish to disable tab auto-complete options. This cannot be completely achieved (refer to this link for more information). This has been a known issue and the concerned team may be investigating it further.


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