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Can we dock figure property inspector to the figure window?

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Hello everyone,
For older version of MATLAB, perhaps ~2014, I remember the figure property inspector was docked to the figure window. Now, in newer versions of MATLAB, I see the figure property inspector in itsown window/dialog box. The question is the following:
Can I dock the figure property inspector to the figure window? This make things easier, as the figure property inspector window keeps getting obstrcuted when I click on the fingure window and then I would have to perofm 'Alt+Tap' to binrg the figure property inspector window back.
Kind regards, and I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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Brahmadev il 10 Apr 2024
As you mentioned, MATLAB currently does not support docking the Property Inspector window. As an alternative, you can dock thedifferent dialogs to different sections of your display using the Windows button and Arrow keys. So that you will not have to use "Alt+Tab" again and again.
Hope this helps!


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