Plot time on x-axis with certain intervals

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Hi Matlab friends,
I want to plot a data set in which I have data of one minute intervals. However, the data set is big and I would only like to plot the the year/month/day quarterly. As it is, the time steps are in 250000 x 1 cell. I can convert them to categorical arrays but do not know how to proceed with the plotting.
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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 18 Nov 2021
Try something like this —
tdr = duration(minutes(1:250000));
tdt = datetime([2021 01 01])+tdr;
% Q1 = t(1435:1445)
y = sin(2*pi*minutes(tdr)*10/minutes(tdr(end)));
plot(tdt, y)
Make necessary changes to get the desired result.

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