how to disconnect tcp/ip connection?

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I made tcp/ip server and client like this
server = tcpserver('',111);
and another app
cli = tcpclient('localhost',111);
It is perfectly connected.
So, how to disconnect TCP/IP form client?
and how to disconnect from server?

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Harikrishnan Balachandran Nair
You can close the TCP/IP connection by clearing the 'tcpclient' object using the 'clear' function .
Please refer to the following documentations to get a better idea on this :
Hope this helps!
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Jae-Hee Park
Jae-Hee Park il 30 Dic 2021
@chuck shen Thank you.
Above command works clear the values of app.client but do not erase the app.client.
isa(app.client,'tcpclient'); % is true
There is no way to completely erase the app.client?
Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado il 24 Giu 2022
I was dealing with the same issue, using appDesigner and create a handle (property of my app) to a tcpclient object. The new solution was the "old solution" (used in "tcpip" objects).
clear app.client
The validation isa(app.client,'tcpclient') as true is not a problem at all. You can create other tcpclient object and handling this object in "app.client".

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