Is it possible to install multiple MATLAB on ubuntu?

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I am having R2021a installed in ubuntu and I have received a new trial license for R2021b.
I want to install R2021b on Ubuntu(Linux).
When I start the installer with sudo .install/ command, it prompts the message to enter the password.
After entering the password, it does not open the installer and after some time if I try closing the terminal window, it shows the process is still working.
If I use matlab & command, It opens the installer and after giving the Id and password installer window doesn't show licenses associated with the account, instead, it asks for an activation key(I do not have an activation key).
I tried installing R2021b on Windows then it shows the license associated with the account and I am able to install it.
But my requirement is to install it on Ubuntu(Linux). So I want to know, Why I am facing a problem in installing MATLAB on Ubuntu? Is it possible to install 2 different MATLAB versions on the same path in Ubuntu? Or is there a different procedure to follow?

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Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh il 30 Nov 2021
You can try installing without sudo command, it personally worked for me. For more help please refer to this. For creating shortcuts for different versions of MATLAB please consider looking into this.
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S_Rajashree il 9 Dic 2021
Thanks Rishabh Singh.
Matlab 2021b installer had some issue.
I used this command---
xhost +SI:localuser:root
and created different path for installation, so it worked for me.

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