3rd Order ODE on Simulink

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Parveen Ayoubi
Parveen Ayoubi on 27 Nov 2021
Answered: Pat Gipper on 29 Nov 2021
I have been trying to solve this differential equation for two days now. I do not know what to do with the right hand side of the ODE. The only way I have seen to solve it does not include the derivative of the input as well. Would really appreaciate some help atleast to know how to start it up.
y^''' (t)+6y^'' (t)+11y^'(t) +6y(t)=u^'' (t)+2u^' (t)+3u(t)
y’’(0) = 1 ; y’(0) = -1; y(0) = 1
where u=Unit step Us(t).
Ive tried to do it in simulink but I cant seem to get the right answer. Ill link what I have tried to do with it. (One of the problems is that we have to have the initital conditions present which we cant do with the transfer function)
Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper on 28 Nov 2021
Edited: Pat Gipper on 29 Nov 2021
Could it be something like this? Now you just need to figure out what u'' is that will result in u = unit step. It turns out that it requires a doublet as an input.

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Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper on 29 Nov 2021
I approximated the required doublet input into an update to my comment with a summation of two very short pulse generators.

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