created file does not appear?

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metin yilmaz
metin yilmaz on 1 Dec 2021
Answered: metin yilmaz on 1 Dec 2021
I am not really sure if this issue is related to Matlab or Windows. I am trying to create a file with the command dlmwrite. The file is created since when I use type command with its name, the results appear on the command window but I cannot find the file anywhere. It is like it is a hidden file. Would you please help me solve this issue?

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Jan on 1 Dec 2021
Are you searching in the correct folder? What does
tell you? Or do you save the file with an absolute path?
Maybe you are right an the file is hidden. Then enable the display of hidden files in the Explorer.

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metin yilmaz
metin yilmaz on 1 Dec 2021
Thank you for your all advices. I still cannot find the file even though it exists but now other files are in vision. It works now. Maybe there was a glitch.




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