Is it possibile to use a p-file in Matlab Mobile?

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I created a p-file in MATLAB 2021 on my computer and I want to use it on my phone. Is it possible?

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Rik on 1 Dec 2021
As far as I'm aware, Matlab mobile is only a portal into Matlab online. So if you can use that p-file there your should be able to use it on your phone as well.
If you want local native execution, you should probably look for other methods, e.g. using Coder to convert your Matlab code to C/C++ and compile it to whatever binary your phone requires. If that is an iPhone it might require jailbraking to run code that isn't in an app-store app.
Rik on 1 Dec 2021
Odd. That seems an oversight to me. I suspect there is already a way to upload Matlab files (m/mat/p/mex), but it just is hard to find. No that that isn't a problem in itself. You could contact Mathworks support.

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