Can I set favorite toolboxes in my MathWorks account?

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Hi there!
Every time I am installing MATLAB in a new computer, I have to go back to a previous one to confirm which toolboxes and packages I had installed there to run my scripts or (git) projects. Is there a way to create installation profiles in my MathWorks account, so that when I am installing MATLAB I may just select "work profile" or "hobby profile" and automatically include every toolbox I need?
If not, that would be a great addition to the installer.
Tiago Pomella Lobo
Tiago Pomella Lobo on 2 Dec 2021
@Rik, what do you mean? Can you point me to the related documentation?
@John D'Errico, I do it frequently enough so that it becomes an annoyance, either because I am formatting a computer, or because I must install it from scratch in a new one at the company. In any case, what harm could something like what I proposed do?

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Rik on 2 Dec 2021
In the root folder of the installer you will find installer_input.txt. That file will contain instructions about how to use it. Some switches might change from one release to the next, but in general it will be mostly the same.
You can pre-define the product lists in this file. You can use any file name you like to keep track of the two different versions.

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