Boxchart - How can we change the whisker length?

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DrZoidberg on 2 Dec 2021
Commented: DrZoidberg on 6 Dec 2021
does anybody know how to change the multiplier for the maximum whisker length for the boxchart function?
I do not want outliers determined by the 2.7*sigma deviation rule, because it is probably not normally distributed. It was easy in boxplot (by a name-value pair argument e.g. 'Whisker', 10), but I can't access the whisker poperty anymore in boxchart.

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Rik on 2 Dec 2021
I doubt you can actually access this property. It is at the very least undocumented.
You will either have to use boxplot or build your own version (or use of the many from the file exchange).
When Mathworks introduced this I was surprised. It is nice to have a boxplot function that doesn't require a toolbox, but why they would want to support two separate functions is a mystery to me. Maybe they want to still push sales of the toolbox for people who want to set the Whisker property but don't want to write their own function?
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DrZoidberg on 6 Dec 2021
Ok then, I will go on with the boxplot_custom.m or gramm.m from the exchange server. Gratefully, the community already did the job :)

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