Evaluate surface fit in Simulink

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Edoardo  Saudino
Edoardo Saudino on 2 Dec 2021
Answered: Andy Bartlett on 5 Jan 2022
Hello everybody,
I am having troubles using a surface made by interpolation of experimental data in order to evaluate an output inside Simulink.
I explain myself better: I have 3 vectors made of experimental data, representing a system. Basically 2 inputs and one output. I have used the Curve Fitting tool in order to fit a surface over my experimental data so that I can evaluate my output for two given inputs. This works very well on MATLAB using the 'feval' function as below:
Output = feval(My_Experimental_Surface, Input1, Input2) %My_Experimental_Surface is an "sfit" made with the thin-plate spline interpolant method
This works fine and gives satisfactory results.
My question is: How do I implement this in a Simulink Model? I basically need a block that takes my two inputs and gives back the output as does the "feval" function on Matlab.
Thank you for your help,
Don't hesitate to ask questions if I haven't been clear.

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Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett on 5 Jan 2022
Please see if the answer here helps.


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