Plot line colors and legend colors don't match, & error bars don't show the points in the plot

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Anu on 3 Dec 2021
Commented: Mathieu NOE on 13 Dec 2021
Please see attached the files. When I run my code with shaded error bars, I got the output where the legend color does not match plot line colors. On the other hand, if I want to plot the traditional error bars, I see that one plot does not show the points. The respective output figures are attached for your reference. I am not sure where I made a mistake. Any help will be very much appreciated!

Accepted Answer

Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 6 Dec 2021
hello again my friend !
this is your code a bit tweaked
h1 = plot(x*100, avey1, '-ok',... : forcing the line color to black
h3 = plot(x*100, avey3, '-dr', ... : forcing the line color to red
e1 = errorbar(x*100,avey1,sey1, 'HandleVisibility','off') : set the “errorbar” handle to be invisible. This will prevent the “legend” from updating with the new “errorbar” handle:
this is now the result :
%This code finds the excel file, calculates the average, standard
%deviation and standard error of y values, and plots the graph by usingg
%subplot function and shaded errorbars. The shaded error bars are different
%representation of the traditional error bars
clear vars
clear all
%% define path and variables
addpath(genpath('C:\Users\anusu\Documents\MATLAB\github_repo')) %for geeting shaded errorbar (what matlab does not), see FEX:
% %
fileDir = 'C:\Users\anusu\Downloads\Tibetan _syllabic files tone\Tibetan _syllabic files tone\bi-syllabic_tibetan';
% fileDir = pwd;
S = dir(fullfile(fileDir,'output3.xlsx')); % get data file in directory
sheet = 'final graph'; % data must be retrieved from sheet named final graph
%% reading excel sheet and finding index and blocks
data = xlsread(fullfile(fileDir,,sheet);
[m,n] = size(data);
ind_nan = find(isnan(data(1,:)));
nb_blocks = numel(ind_nan)+1;
ind_start = [1 ind_nan+1];
ind_stop = [ind_nan-1 n];
%% finding data for each block
for ci = 1:nb_blocks
x = data(1,ind_start(ci):ind_stop(ci));
y(:,:,ci) = data(2:end,ind_start(ci):ind_stop(ci));
%% finding y for each block
newy1 = y(:,:,1); %y for first word_CV1
newy2 = y(:,:,2); %y for first word_CV2
newy3 = y(:,:,3); %y for second word_CV1
newy4 = y(:,:,4); %y for second word_CV2
%% finding average, standard deviation, and standard error...
%% of y for each block
avey1= mean(newy1); % finds average of y1
sdy1= std(newy1); % finds standard deviation of y1
sey1= sdy1/9; % In the whole data, there are 9 speakers, but will change accordingly
avey2= mean(newy2);
sdy2= std(newy2);
sey2= sdy2/9;
avey3= mean(newy3);
sdy3= std(newy3);
sey3= sdy3/9;
avey4= mean(newy4);
sdy4= std(newy4);
sey4= sdy4/9;
%% plot
filename_fig =;
ind = strfind(filename_fig,'.');
filename_fig = filename_fig(1:ind-1);
f= figure();
t = sgtitle('thangpo'); % the name of the title needs to change accordinly
t.FontSize = 14;
t.FontWeight = 'bold';
h1 = plot(x*100, avey1, '-ok', 'MarkerSize',6,'MarkerEdgeColor','k',...
e1 = errorbar(x*100,avey1,sey1, 'HandleVisibility','off'); %if want the tranditional error bars,
%uncomment these three lines (e1, e1.Color, e1.Capsize) for all the below
%four cases
e1.Color = 'black';
e1.CapSize = 10;
shadedErrorBar(x*100, avey1, sey1, 'lineprops', '-k');
hold on
h3 = plot(x*100, avey3, '-dr', 'MarkerSize',6,'MarkerEdgeColor','r',...
e3 = errorbar(x*100,avey3,sey3, 'HandleVisibility','off');
e3.Color = 'red';
e3.CapSize = 10;
shadedErrorBar(x*100, avey3, sey3, 'lineprops', '-r');
axis padded
xlabel('Time points (%)');
ylabel('f0 (Hz)');
hold off
ax(2) =subplot(1,2,2);
h2 = plot(x*100, avey2, '-ok', 'MarkerSize',6,'MarkerEdgeColor','k',...
e2 = errorbar(x*100,avey2,sey2, 'HandleVisibility','off');
e2.Color = 'black';
e2.CapSize = 10;
shadedErrorBar(x*100, avey2, sey2, 'lineprops', '-k');
hold on
h4 = plot(x*100, avey4, '-dr', 'MarkerSize',6,'MarkerEdgeColor','r',...
e4 = errorbar(x*100,avey4,sey4, 'HandleVisibility','off');
e4.Color = 'red';
e4.CapSize = 10;
shadedErrorBar(x*100, avey4, sey4, 'lineprops', '-r');
axis padded
xlabel('Time points (%)');
ylabel('f0 (Hz)');
legstr = {'health','one'};
hold off
set(gcf,'Position',[288 342 860 420]); % for 2 panels
%ll= legend([h2, h4], legstr,'Location','south','Orientation','horizontal', 'NumColumns',1);
%set(ll,'Position',[0.932 0.79 0.02691 0.0323]); %this is for shaded error bars
ll= legend(legstr,'Location','south','Orientation','horizontal', 'NumColumns',1);
set(ll,'Position',[0.932 0.79 0.02691 0.0323]); % this is for traditional error bars
print(filename_fig, '-dpng')

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