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Can't change line style from plot browser in R2014b

Asked by Elizabeth Jones on 28 Oct 2014
I recently updated from R2012b to R2014b, and I'm having trouble with the plot browser and property editor for figures in R2014b. I have a figure with multiple curves (objects) that I made using a script. When I select one of the curves from the plot browser and change the line style (i.e solid line to dashed line) or change the marker using the property editor, the changes are not made. The drop-down boxes for "Line" and "Marker" are changed, but the curve itself is not changed. If I click somewhere else on the figure and then re-select the same curve, the old line style and marker settings are in the property editor. I can, however, change the line color and the line width from the property editor. My current work-around is to open the figure in my old copy of R2012b, change the line style and marker, save the figure, and then open it back in R2014b. This works, but it is not a long-term solution. Is this a bug with the new graphics in R2014b, or is there a setting I need to change in the new version of Matlab?


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