Get the bitrate from wlanWaveformGenerator()

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How do you query wlanWaveformGenerator(bits,cfgFormat) for the bitrate that results from the various parameters provided in cfgFormat?

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Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 27 Dec 2021
Hello Peter,
The wlanWaveformGenerator(bits,cfg) function generates a waveform for bits, the specified information bits, and cfg, the physical layer (PHY) format configuration. You can look at the example in this link as a reference. The example generates the waveform based on the PSDU of the specified WLAN HE TB configuration object. The length of the PSDU is obtained in the psduLength variable, in bytes. You can multiply this by 8 to get the PSDU length in bits.
Bit rate is the number of bits that are processed per unit of time (usually in seconds). Hence to obtain the bit rate of the WLAN waveform generated, you can divide the total number of bits processed/total time which in the above example case would be (144*8)/(4320*10^-9) = 266.67 Mbps
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Peter Miller
Peter Miller on 27 Dec 2021
The bit rates for the various combinations of MCS, RUs (or CBWs), and NSS are found in the tables in IEEE802.11ax-2021 Section 27.5. I was asking for a function call or object that might return these actual Data Rates per GI, looked-up from Tables 27-55 to 27-110.

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