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how to create checkboxes in appdesigner based on number of specific files present in the folder?

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I have couple of text files placed in current folder.The number of textfiles could be variable. I want appdesigner to create number of checkboxes corresponding to those text files having name same as those text files. How can I do that?

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Rik il 9 Dic 2021
You can create uicheckbox objects in a loop in your code, depending on a list of files.
See the documentation here.
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Rik il 9 Dic 2021
You can find more tips and advice here. The point is that you can create graphics objects with code.
h(n)=uicheckbox('position',[10 10+100*n 50 100],...
'Text',sprintf('box %d',n),...
h(2)=uicheckbox('position',[10 10+100*n 50 100],...
'Text',sprintf('box %d',n),...
You can probably see the pattern here. Unfortunately I can't run the code in the online environment, as uifigure is not supported.

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