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SimPowerSystem, how can I use parameters inside a block?

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Hi, I´m using the Asynchronous machine SI units block and I need to use the parameters such as the inductance Lm, Lls or Llr for examples to put into a gain. How can I use these parameters? Where I have to define these? this is the error: Error evaluating parameter 'Gain' in 'DFIG/Torque and Rotor Flux estimation/Gain': Undefined function or variable 'Lm'.

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins il 31 Ott 2014
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Mehran il 3 Nov 2014
Thanks, was helpful. And how to save these values in the Workspace for the next time the simulation is ran?
DP il 13 Nov 2014
To workspace can be used incase if you would like to store the result in a variable

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