How to disallow string in block mask parameters?

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How can I apply a constraint to a block mask parameter so that when a string is entered in the dialog block mask parameter, it is shown as an error? I could not find any option in Mask Parameter -> Constraint.
Also, how can I get the "evaluated" value of the block mask parameters in Initialization Commands? I am entering `b = get_param(block_handle, 'myparam1'), but getting a string for it. I want to get a double value and then compare to some value to show some error message.

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Sanman on 27 Jan 2022
Hi Soham,
Using mask parameter constraints, you can set the datatype you want for the mask parameter. I hope the following documentation can help you with that.
For your second question, you just need to use the function "eval" to do that.
b = eval(get_param(block_handle, 'myparam1'))
You can find the documentation for the function here -

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