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bioinformatics toolbox: getpubmed.m does not return the expected number of records

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I'm running the 'getpubmed.m' script that is found in the bioinformatics toolbox. I'm using examples from the script.
Example1: out = getpubmed('breast+cancer+AND+BRCA1+AND+Clinical+Trial[PT]',...
According the script maxnum = 50; % NUMBEROFRECORDS default is 50
However, running the above script the number of records returned is nine (9).
Example2: out = getpubmed('OBP+insect',...
give the same result (output of 9 records)
Is there a way to tweak with the script and get the requisite number of records. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Ive J
Ive J il 18 Dic 2021
Modificato: Ive J il 18 Dic 2021
getpubmed (and generally, most of the functions in Bioinformatics toolbox) are quite outdated and TMW for some reasons, does not put any effort in improving/expanding it's functionality.
You can write your own scripts using Eutils API, take a look at examples there.
x = webread(''); % retmax: max number of IDs to return
x.esearchresult.idlist % returned pumbed Ids
ans = 20×1 cell array
{'33219915'} {'32710374'} {'32927238'} {'31132476'} {'32040723'} {'34225090'} {'34229127'} {'33023825'} {'34329948'} {'32056079'} {'33878598'} {'33160147'} {'32890963'} {'33774461'} {'32394414'} {'33285381'} {'32144736'} {'32440959'} {'32601800'} {'33242753'}

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