Two basic questions in matlab

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar on 5 Nov 2014
Commented: Amit Kumar on 6 Nov 2014
Hello all, I used matlab for some time, but this did not made me thorough with basics.
1. If I have two matrices, I1 3x3 and I2 4x4. How I can concatenate them? Is it possible? If I do [I1,I2] it will not work as both have different dimensions.
2. If I have array of 100 random numbers and I want every 4th element starting from 20th location till end, can I do this? I want to do this without any loops.
Any ideas very welcome! Thanks in advance!!
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Adam on 5 Nov 2014
What would you expect to be the result of concatenating a 3*3 matrix with a 4*4 matrix?

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Answers (1)

Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 5 Nov 2014
Edited: Matt Tearle on 5 Nov 2014
1. It won't let you. Two options: (a) pad with something, such as NaNs, (b) use cell arrays to store each matrix in a separate cell. For (a):
X = [[l1;NaN(1,3)] l2]
2. Use the range (:) operator with a step:
y = x(20:3:end)
(Assuming "every 4th element starting from 20th" you mean 20, 23, 26, etc)
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar on 6 Nov 2014
Yup, I can figure out :) Thanks a lot Matt, Image Analyst!

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