removing zeros from matrix

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Perri Johnson
Perri Johnson on 19 Dec 2021
Commented: Perri Johnson on 20 Dec 2021
I've constructed a code looking at vertical force data and have it set to put each stance phase into it's own column. The one issue I'm having is that I have all these extra zeros. Any way to remove them so I don't have to export all of these zeros with the data I care about? Have tried "remove," "nonzeros," and "~=0" functions but with no luck.
Thanks in advance
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Jan on 19 Dec 2021
Post the code you have tried and explain "no luck" with details. Then the readers can mention, what the problem is.

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Jan on 19 Dec 2021
x(x==0) = [];
% Or:
x = x(x~=0);
Where do the zeros come from? Instead of removing them it might be easier to avoid to create them before.
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Perri Johnson
Perri Johnson on 20 Dec 2021
Up until line 91, t_step becomes a 2694x10 matrix (a lot of the cells are zeros) because each stance phase is seperated by where it occurs over the time duration. when I try, t_step = t_step(t_step~=0); t_step becomes a 1649x1 matrix. I'm trying to keep all of the non zero values so I don't have a huge number of cells with zeros when I export the data.
the zeros come from this for loop that I have set up from lines 66 - 87
for i = 2:length(time)
p = p+1;
if TO == 10 %once the last element is reached, code breaks out of the for loop to prevent error
if grf_z(i) >= threshold && grf_z(i-1) < threshold
t_RON(HS) = time(i);
f_RON(HS) = grf_z(i);
q = q+1;
elseif grf_z(i) < threshold && grf_z(i-1) >= threshold
if grf_z(i)>=threshold

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