Test Object Detection Using YOLO v2 Deep Learning without labels.

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Hello! I am really new to Matlab and AI and I want to learn a little bit about object detection. I made Object Detection Using YOLO v2 Deep Learning from examples and works fine, but I want to test this detector on a new image (not from TestData). My question is: Can I use this Detector for unlabeled pictures (not from training data or TestData) from my PC?

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Sahil Jain
Sahil Jain il 23 Dic 2021
Hi Rus. You can use the "detect" function to test your network on images not in the training or testing data as mentioned in the Object Detection Using YOLO v2 example.
I = imread('highway.png');
I = imresize(I,inputSize(1:2));
[bboxes,scores] = detect(detector,I);

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