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reconstruct real valued data from IQ data

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nur dsc
nur dsc il 21 Dic 2021
Risposto: Akash il 21 Feb 2024
I have an audio file. After reading it, I applied a single sideband modulation, ssbmod().
I tried to simulate a multipath fading channel.Then the signal passed through the fading channel. After that I added gaussian noise to the output signal of the channel .
But the output signal of the channel is complex. For demodulation ssbdemod(), I need real valued data not complex value.
So how do you get real valued signals from IQ data ?
I was planning to demodulate the output of the channel and sound it.
Thanks !

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Akash il 21 Feb 2024
Hi Nur,
You can transform the complex values of your output signal into real values. If you want to obtain the real part of a complex signal, you can use the MATLAB "real" function. You can find more information about this function in the MATLAB documentation provided in the link below:-
Additionally, if you are looking to extract the magnitude of the complex numbers, you can use the "abs" function. The documentation for "abs" can be found in the below provided link:-


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