How can I import a specific matrix from an excel file using the xlsread command?

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Erik on 6 Nov 2014
Commented: Erik on 6 Nov 2014
I am trying to import a 3x301 matrix from excel into matlab. The value in column A for each of the three rows is not to be imported. So I have tried:
heightdata = xlsread('Height Data.xlsx','B3:B5,B:KP')
But it returns a 3x1 matrix consisting of only the values in column B. I need to extend this matrix out using these rows through all of the values in column KP but can not seem to figure it out. I have attached the excel file.
I'm sure there is something simple I am forgetting or messing up so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 6 Nov 2014
You need to use standard Excel indexing "topleft:bottomright":
heightdata = xlsread('Height Data.xlsx','B3:KP5');

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