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How do I plot on a tab within a tabgroup in Appdesigner?

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I am designing a GUI in appdesigner. I have added a tabgroup and dragged an Axes on to one of the tabs. What is the syntax for drawing in this Axes where I want to plot my own data that is generated after a button-push in the app?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre il 22 Dic 2021
Make sure the axes are part of the tab group (the tab background will change color when adding a component to it). Once done, plot to the axes the same as when it's not in a tab group. The only trick in app designer is to be sure to specify the target axes.
Here is what my simple example code looked like
% Button pushed function: Button
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
and the result in my app.
Tab 1
Tab 2

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