Is it possible to get submiter's IP address or session ID in MATLAB Grader for preventing cheating?​

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I use a grader for students testing, but I deal with sharing accounts with a senior student who solves the task remotely. It would help me to get the submiter's IP or session ID. Is it possible?

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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 7 Jan 2022
Unfortunately, we can not share IP addresses or login session information on users that use the hosted version of MATLAB Grader. If your university uses the LMS version of MATLAB Grader, you can contact your LMS administrator to assist in reviewing logs to determine which learners launched the tool, and which learners submitted solutions at which times. Only your LMS administrator would have information related to the IP addresses of specific LMS users, and which tools they launched, and when.
It also sounds like you would be well served by using some sort of online proctoring solution, in conjunction with your online assessments. Since your stated issue is ensuring that the person logging into MATLAB Grader has had their identity verified during a controlled assessment period to verify they are an enrolled student, an online proctoring solution that includes some sort of ID proofing or verification step would solve the issue.
Lastly, I would reach out to your assigned MathWorks Customer Success Engineer to assist you in using MATLAB Grader in concert with academic integrity solutions. If you are not sure who your CSE is, please contact Customer Support, and they can assist you.

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