How to implement kriging in Matlab?

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KarolN on 7 Jan 2022
Commented: KarolN on 12 Jan 2022
I need to perform kriging in Matlab based on three borehole samples.
Numbers for soil layers indicate depth from ground zero, boreholes - position on model.
The outcome should look something like this (already done that in Zsoil):
Any ideas how to perform this?
KarolN on 9 Jan 2022
No, these are commas all right. 3,27 is one value. It means soil layer 1 ENDS at depth of 3,27 meters, as measured from the surface level.
Similarly soil layer 3 ends at 8,95 meters and so on.

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Answers (2)

the cyclist
the cyclist on 8 Jan 2022
Googling "MATLAB" and "kriging" turned up this submission from the File Exchange.
KarolN on 8 Jan 2022
Thanks anyway for your effort. Maybe the thread will attract someone who had similar exercise.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jan 2022
I believe I saw somewhere in the documentation that scatteredInterpolant did kriging. Attached is a demo.
KarolN on 12 Jan 2022
I do not deny what you say is right. But student exercises do not always make sense. I am supposed to use kriging in matlab, not only zsoil...

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