Can you change the value of a variable while program is paused?

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S on 8 Jan 2022
Edited: the cyclist on 8 Jan 2022
I have a program that iterates over 650 different data files. I meant to cap the time of each iteration to 50 seconds, but accidentally entered 500 seconds. The program has been running for a few hours now and I've only just realised. I was wondering if I could pause the progam and change the max time value to 50 seconds, or will I need to run all of the code again?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 8 Jan 2022
Edited: the cyclist on 8 Jan 2022
Yes, you can.
I wasn't sure, but I just tested with the simple program
while true
i = i+1
I was able to pause after some iterations, set i to a different value via the command line, and the while loop continued displaying i from the new input value.
I was not able to find any official documentation on this, though (after an admittedly brief search).





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