How to save data in for loop to excel

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I have 2 value in loop show that
T0 = [1035 1200];%K
for i = 1:length(T0)
L0 = [0 5e-6] ;%m
yi0 = [1 0 0] ;%molfrac(ya0 yb0 yc0)
P0 = 162.*yi0 ;%kPa
v0 = 2.037e-3 ;%m3/s (volumetric flowrate)
R = 8.314e-3 ;%(kPa*m3)/(kmol*K)
Fi0 = (P0.*v0)./(R.*T0(i)) ;%[Fa Fb Fc][mol/s mol/s mol/s]
Var0 = [Fi0 T0(i)] ;
[L ,Vary] = ode45(@Try_loop,L0,Var0) ;
So I want to save every value i in different file in excel for example when i = 1035 and code run to end then save result calculate of 1035 in excel. I don't know how to save it not to overlap on the same value.
Jidapa Adam
Jidapa Adam on 14 Jan 2022
I want 1035 different sheets in the same file.

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Accepted Answer

David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 14 Jan 2022
Hi Jidapa, type in your matlab terminal
doc xlswrite
This will give you lots of information about how to do it.
As an example, to write data given by the variable "A" in sheet "2" starting in cell "E1", you just use the following code:
filename = 'testdata.xlsx';
A = {'Time','Temperature'; 12,98; 13,99; 14,97};
sheet = 2;
xlRange = 'E1';
In your case, "sheet = i" should work, simply adapt the rest of the example to your needs ;)
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Jan 2022
These days we would recommend writetable() or writematrix(), with the 'Sheet' parameter.

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