How to call cpp function in coder ceval function?

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Hi, I am trying to call a cpp function in matlab using coder.ceval method. I am getting errors like the function is not defined, but the same code works for a c function. Please help me.
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Rik il 20 Gen 2022
Wouldn't it be easier to compile it with mex and call it that way?
Arhan Kundu
Arhan Kundu il 20 Gen 2022
We are trying to autogenerate code in simulink and mex functions are not supported for code generation

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Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh il 7 Feb 2022
Modificato: Rishabh Singh il 7 Feb 2022
If you could provide the cpp function then I can better answer your question. But in meanwhile a similar question has been answered on the following link.
Hope this helps.


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