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Using NARXnet clarification input delays

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Xymbu il 22 Gen 2022
Risposto: Vatsal il 29 Set 2023
I am trying to learn more about using narxnet to predict future values of a times series. I am having trouble finding a good explanation for the the Inputdelays actually is. Can anyone help me out with a simplified explanation.

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Vatsal il 29 Set 2023
Hi @Xymbu,
I understand that you want to use "narxnet" to predict the values of a time series. The “inputDelays” parameter in a NARX neural network determinesthe number of past time steps of the input time series that the network considers when making predictions for future time steps.
For example, if “inputDelays” is set to 1:2 with inputs “X” and Targets “T”, it means that the model uses the set "{x(i-1), x(i-2)}” to predict "t(i)".
If you need more information about the "inputDelays" parameter, I recommend referring to the following resources: -
I hope this helps!


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