How could I create a sliding window of 300ms, with an overlap of 50ms?

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Hello, I have an Emg data of 15mins length (1808331x12), sampling frequency : 2kHz. I want to apply a 300ms window(600samples) with an overlap of 20samples(10ms). I want 300ms segments so i can extract features from it.
Can somebody help me?

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy il 27 Gen 2022
Hi JJyh,
You can extract the data from individual windows and store them in a cell array. The following code might be helpful to understand how to store data from individual windows in a cell:
emg_data = randn([1808331,12]); % Here I have used random data since I don't have the original data on my end. This can be replaced by the data array that you are using.
[r c] = size(emg_data)
n_start = 1;
window_size = 600;
overlap_size = 20;
frame_cell = {};
while (n_start+window_size<=r)
window = emg_data(n_start:n_start+window_size-1,:);
frame_cell{end+1} = window;
n_start = n_start + window_size - overlap_size;
Hope this helps!

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