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How to add a right hand y-axis with the same major and minor ticks?

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My goal is to add two y-axis of the same major and minor ticks. Their color should all be black.
Here is my current code to do it for the left hand axis:
set(han01, 'yTick', [1:0.5:4]);
How do I add the same axis to the right side?
Many thanks!

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G A il 24 Gen 2022
Modificato: G A il 24 Gen 2022
x = -2*pi:0.1:2*pi;
y1 = sin(x);
y2 = tan(x);
yyaxis left
hp1 = plot(x,y1);
h1 = gca;
h1.YTick = -1:0.5:1;
box on
h1.YColor = 'k';
h1.YLim = [-1.1, 1.1];
yyaxis right
hp2 = plot(x,y2);
h2 = gca;
h2.YTick = -1:0.5:1;
h2.YColor = 'k';
h2.YLim = [-1.1, 1.1];

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Kenneth Casperson
Kenneth Casperson il 17 Feb 2022
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