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How to import text present in figure to excel?

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yojitha etikala
yojitha etikala il 27 Gen 2022
Commentato: Ankit il 3 Feb 2022
I wrote text in figure.For example:
axis off
text(0,0.5,sprintf([ 'speed = %0.1f kmph (%0.1f miles/hour)\n'
'time = %0.1f min \n '
And the output:
speed= 55kmph(30miles/hour)
time= 35min
How want import this output to excel?
Thank you in advance
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Rik il 28 Gen 2022
Do you want to export the text as text? Or the figure as an image?
yojitha etikala
yojitha etikala il 28 Gen 2022
Hello Rik,
I want to export the text as text.
I want to see below output in the excel.
speed= 55kmph(30miles/hour)
time= 35min
Thank you

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Ankit il 28 Gen 2022
There is one way to write the output to *.xlsx-File.
speed= 55;
time= 35;
filename = 'Test.xlsx';
str = sprintf(['speed = %0.3f kmph \n' 'time = %0.1f min \n '],speed,time);
OutPut = cellstr(str);
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Rik il 3 Feb 2022
If the goal is to write something to an excel file, why is the text function used at all? That is an unnecessary step that still confuses me.
Ankit il 3 Feb 2022
Yes one can avoid that step but it is not clear how he is getting the data. I just used the def values.. whether he is displaying that data in figure etc.. if not then text command is not required..

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