Sort Matlab table based on pre-defined order

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I would like to sort a table based on a column that only contains 4 string values (A, B, C, and d) in an specific order that is not alphabetic.
This is what I am currently using:
sortrows(table_1,{'col1','col2'},{'ascend' 'descend'})
For col2 I would like to use a custom order that is neither ascend nor descend. So for instance the sorting order should be:

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 31 Jan 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 31 Jan 2022
You could do something like this, where C is that column:
D = {'B';'A';'C';'D'}; % the desired order
C = {'C';'C';'A';'D';'B';'C';'A';'D';'B'} % the column to sort
C = 9×1 cell array
{'C'} {'C'} {'A'} {'D'} {'B'} {'C'} {'A'} {'D'} {'B'}
[X,Y] = ismember(C,D);
[~,Z] = sort(Y);
D = C(Z) % of course you would sort the table e.g. T(Z,:)
D = 9×1 cell array
{'B'} {'B'} {'A'} {'A'} {'C'} {'C'} {'C'} {'D'} {'D'}

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Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes on 31 Jan 2022
Try the following:
idx = [2 1 3 4];
T(idx,:) = T


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