Disabling Data Logging in Simulink

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Fawad Farooq Ashraf
Fawad Farooq Ashraf il 8 Feb 2022
I have a simulation on simulink with many to-file and to-workspace blocks in it. However, now I want to run a monte-carlo analysis of 5000 simulation runs where I do not need this data logged. I do not want to modify my model but I want to turn off data logging (to-file and to-workspace blocks). Is there a setModelParam command for this or any other easier way?

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson il 8 Feb 2022
In the Model Settings in Simulink, go to the Data Import/Export option and remove the check marks on data that you do not want to log.
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Fawad Farooq Ashraf
Fawad Farooq Ashraf il 10 Feb 2022
I just commented out the blocks I didn't want to use. That was pretty simple.
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson il 10 Feb 2022
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