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How can I use matlab to get the location in latitude and longitude of a certain point or area in an entire aerial image to be tested? Thanks.

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Say I have an aerial image of the rice field and I will detect which areas are infested, then once i detected that particular area, the location of that area in latitude and longitude will also show. But I don't have an idea what Matlab tool should I use to detect the location. I need help.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson il 8 Feb 2022
See the example "Create an Interactive Map for Selecting Point Features" in the MATLAB documentation and the geoshow function. These are part of the Mapping Toolbox. If you have further question please post your image for reference.
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Cristel Esmerna
Cristel Esmerna il 18 Feb 2022
Modificato: Cristel Esmerna il 18 Feb 2022
I checked the example "Create an interactive Map for Selecting Point Features" in Matlab, can I use a flat image of a rice field instead of the globe map in setting those points? Just like this aerial image

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