How can I define individual degree of freedom constraints for 3D structural static PDE problems?

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In the below code, face 1 of the 3D block is fixed. I would like to change the structuralBC such that the constraint on face 1 only prevents motion in the X and Z directions. I can't come across any information on using constraints outside of the standard fixed, free, roller, etc. Is there a way to constrain individual degrees of freedom or is there a better way to approach this problem?
% Define material properties
E = 10.3e6; %Elastic Modulus - psi
nu = 0.33; %Poissons ratio - unitless
% Define loads
f1 = [0;-15;40]; %force in lbf
%Define geometry for use
body = 'Block.stl';
%Create static structureal model, import geomtery
smodel = createpde('structural','static-solid');
%Plot with face labels
%Define properties and boundary conditions
structuralBoundaryLoad(smodel,'Face',3, 'SurfaceTraction',f1);
%Mesh model
msh = generateMesh(smodel,'Hmax',5,'Hmin',1);
R = solve(smodel);
%Plot results

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 11 Feb 2022
You can constrain X and Z displacement individually setting them to zero in one command like this:
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xl z
xl z on 25 Nov 2022
How to constrain the deformation of the cylindrical surface of a cylinder to not exceed a cylindrical surface? This case is similar to the restriction of the hole on the piston. The piston can only not deform radially to the outside of the hole. The "roller" constraint in the PDE toolbox seems to fix the radial displacement of the piston surface to 0. However, the actual situation is that the piston is able to deform toward the center.

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