The stateflow which is working fine for 24 hours is attached and the same stateflow when the transition time is reduced to seconds is not producing the desired output

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  1. .slx file
  2. Question in picture form (1) Stateflow for 24hours (2) 24 hours results. working fine (3) same stateflow with time in seconds (4) results which is not correct (5) the results which i actually needed.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 14 Feb 2022
The sample time on the fast stateflow chart is set to 360 seconds. So the first time it is allowed to update the Time has already exceeded 0.9 seconds, so it goes directly to the OffPeak state. To change it, at the top model where you have both stateflow chart blocks, right click on the block and go to the subsystem properties.


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