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Thermoelectric generator in Simulink

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Hi All,
I wanted to ask how would you obtain the TEG (thermoelectric generator model) block and the Depth to Temperature graph block from the Simulink simulation platform (AS ANNOTATED BY YELLOW IN THE IMAGE ATTACHED)?
I am trying to replicate the circuit on Simulink but I seem to be struggling to produce these two block diagrams.
I have also attached the research paper I am referring to in this message so it can make sense.
Thank you.

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy il 16 Feb 2022
Hi Mughees,
Although there are no dedicated blocks in Simulink for Depth-to-Temperature conversion and modelling TEG, the blocks used in the model for Depth-to-Temperature is a Lookup Table and that for the TEG is a Subsystem.
The Subsystem consists of other simpler blocks which can be dragged and dropped to the Simulink model if we know the relationship between the input and output of the blocks.
Hope this helps!

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