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Directly loading images from datastore doesn't work in different machine.

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I have created a deep learning network. I stored all the workspace variables( datastores and lgraph which is the network) in .mat file.Now when I try to load this .mat file in another pc and load the lgraph it loads properly. But when I load the datastores. It seems like the datatstores aren't getting loaded. ( I think it's becoz the directory location of the ds doesn't exist ). So my question is how can I make this create these datastores in someone else's pc without running the whole code there again?
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 17 Feb 2022
Well of course the images have to exist on the other PC. So put them there.
john il 17 Feb 2022
I can copy the images folder but again i will need to rewrite the path right?
isnt there any other way through which i can do this becoz I just want to train the network in different machine without opening my orginal source code there?

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu il 17 Feb 2022
yes,sir,the datastore save the image path,so if change computer,may be set the same path and copy the image file to same folder;or regenerate the datastore by new folder path

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