How to create a .mat file with variables

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I have an image with 39 point scatterers like this
It is loaded from a .mat file named 'Fighter.mat'. The content of Fighter.mat mat is showing like this.
I want to know how to crate a .mat file and that too how to assign variables to the content like 'Xc','Yc' to it as shown in the figure .

Accepted Answer

Jan on 21 Feb 2022
See: help save
Xc = 1:10;
Yc = rand(1, 10);
save('YourFile.mat', 'Xc', 'Yc')

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Matt J
Matt J on 21 Feb 2022
You can use matfile() to alter the contens of a .mat file directly, but it might be easier just to load Fighter.mat, make whatever changes you want in the Matlab workspace, and then resave to a new file.

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