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How to set my legend differently from my plotting?

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Leon il 21 Feb 2022
Commentato: Olaf Bousche il 22 Feb 2022
I have a figure with 10 pairs of plots. Below is an example of one pair.
plot(x, y, 'r.', "LineWidth", 1);
p1 = pchip(x, y, xq);
plot(xq, p1, 'r-', "LineWidth", 1);
Basically, I first plot the dots and then their pchip line, thus having two symbols for each variable.
In my lengend, how do I have one symbol like the below:
for each variable with a total of 10 legend inputs, instead of having 10 x 2 = 20 lengend inputs (dots and lines are treated as two separate inputs), as the default does?
Many thanks.

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Olaf Bousche
Olaf Bousche il 21 Feb 2022
Modificato: Olaf Bousche il 21 Feb 2022
You can use the line handles to do this. For each plot j store the handle:
p_handles(1) = plot(x, y, 'r.', "LineWidth", 1, "DisplayName","I want this");
p1 = pchip(x, y, xq);
p_handles(2) = plot(xq, p1, 'r-', "LineWidth", 1, "DisplayName","I do not want this");
Then when calling the legend
Different symbols won't work but when you stick to similar colors or something of that nature, things will be obvious for the reader.
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Leon il 21 Feb 2022
Many thanks. When I tried it out, I got the below error:
Error using legend
Invalid argument. Type 'help legend' for more information.
Error in untitled (line 15)
Olaf Bousche
Olaf Bousche il 22 Feb 2022
Sorry about that. I forgot the "hold on" and the "show" is not needed. Working example:
for j = 1:6
p(j) = plot(rand(10,1),"DisplayName",compose("plot %d",j));
hold on
Hope this works for you

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