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Can I add bidirectional ports in System Composer? Example: LIN, CAN, etc.

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I need to build a System Architecture for an automotive ECU which has CAN and LIN communication.
How do I create bidirectional ports in System Composer? The only options I have are IN port and OUT port, but for example LIN is single wire bidirectional communication. How can I create a bidirectional port?
Currently I am working on the Functional Analysis view. Are bidirectional ports available on other views (Logical View, Technical View)?

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn il 22 Mag 2024 alle 20:30
To ensure consistency between Simulink and System Composer, data ports are unidirectional with bidirectional communication being modeled by creating separate ports for inputs and outputs. We typically see customers adding an "_In" and "_Out," or equivalent, to the end of the port names. We have also heard feedback from customers that they prefer using unidirectional ports because it makes the model easier to understand at a high level.
We also have additional port types now, including physical ports which can be used to represent non-directional connections such as wires or pipes in a Simscape model, and client-server ports with service interfaces that can be used to represent call/response communication between components in a software architecture.
I hope that answers your question and gives you some additional methods for modeling data flow. If you need any more assistance, please reach out to us at:




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