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Keep getting "Error while evaluating UIcontrol callback" in TempNormGUI.

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The matlab program is from a github repositry:
I couldn't get a hold of the user as of now but i was hoping someone can shed some light if its something i did wrong or issues that needs to be fixed (outdated functions etc.)

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Dinesh il 29 Dic 2023
Hi Juan,
The error shown in the MATLAB Command Window suggests there is an issue with the "readc3duswaStruct" function call, which might be due to an invalid expression such as missing operators or mismatched brackets within the function or the way it's being called. This could be due to outdated functions or syntax changes in MATLAB since the repository was last updated.
To resolve the error, you can check the "readc3duswaStruct" function for any outdated MATLAB syntax.


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