Pwelch only returns a single value?

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Shayma Al Ali
Shayma Al Ali on 25 Feb 2022
Commented: Mathieu NOE on 8 Mar 2022
I am trying to use the pwelch method in order to calculate the coherence magnitude squared between two signals with confidence intervals. However, the pwelch function only returns a single value. What am I doing wrong?
I also attached the variables I use in my code.
My code:
%calculate pwelch
%calculate CMS
%calculate CMS of conf intervals
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 8 Mar 2022
have you tried mscohere ?
help mscohere
mscohere Magnitude Squared Coherence Estimate.
Cxy = mscohere(X,Y) estimates the magnitude squared coherence estimate
of the system with input X and output Y using Welch's averaged,
modified periodogram method. Coherence is a function of frequency with
values between 0 and 1 that indicate how well the input X corresponds
to the output Y at each frequency. The magnitude squared coherence,
Cxy, is given by Cxy = (abs(Pxy).^2)./(Pxx.*Pyy) where Pxx and Pyy are
the power spectral density (PSD) estimate of X and Y, respectively; and
Pxy is the Cross-PSD (CPSD) estimate of X and Y. See "help pwelch" and
"help cpsd" for complete details.

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