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Merge two .fig figures side by side by connecting yaxes in matlab

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I have two figure files 'A.fig' and 'B.fig'. I want to have the two figues side by side such that right hand vertical axes line of 'A.fig' get merged with the left hand vertical axes line (yaxes) of 'B.fig'. And the new merged figure say 'C.fig' should be in .pdf format. Can anybody please help me out ? It would be of great help. I am posting the pdf files of 'A.fig' and 'B.fig'.

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Matt J
Matt J il 28 Feb 2022
It would be easier for us if you post the original .fig files.
Apashanka Das
Apashanka Das il 2 Mar 2022
@Matt J Sorry sir for late reply. I am posting here the original .fig files 'A.fig' and 'B.fig'. Please help me out. It would be of great help. Thanks.

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Robert U
Robert U il 2 Mar 2022
Hi Apashanka Das,
you can copy objects from figure to figure using copyobj(). A bit tricky is to write a generally working code that can deal with different types of figures. But the function sketched below should be able to deal with the figures you have although it might need some adjustment to coloring.
open A.fig
open B.fig
function [ newFh ] = mergeOpenFigs( sSaveFilename,saveFlag )
oldFh = findall(groot,'Type','figure');
% restore correct order of graphs
[~,indFh] = sort([oldFh.Number],'ascend');
oldFh = oldFh(indFh);
oldLegends = findall(oldFh,'Tag', 'legend');
oldAh = findall(oldFh,'Type','Axes');
newFh = figure;
oldFigPosition = vertcat(oldFh.Position);
newFh.Position = [newFh.Position(1:2), max(oldFigPosition(:,3:4),[],1)];
newAh = axes(newFh);
colorOrder = get(0,'DefaultAxesColorOrder');
for ik = 1:size(oldAh)
newAh.Children(ik).Color = colorOrder(ik,:);
labelString(ik,:) = {oldAh(ik).XLabel.String oldAh(ik).YLabel.String};
newAh.XLim = max(vertcat(oldAh.XLim),[],1);
newAh.YLim = max(vertcat(oldAh.YLim),[],1);
newAh.XLabel.String = unique(labelString(:,1));
newAh.YLabel.String = unique(labelString(:,2));
if saveFlag
if exist('sSaveFilename','var')
newFh = [];
Kind regards,

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